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Ela in Manila!

My days in Manila started with going around touristic places and sightseeing While I was looking for a job as well.

As our earlier conversation with my Iranian-filipino friend while I was in Iran, we noticed that philippines has too many restaurants and hotels, and people love to eat outside! So we thought with my certificates and experiences would be easy to find a job. More we were looking, more issues came up, first was the language again and the other one was they didnt accept my Iranian Culinary certificates and Diploma.

This is one of the issues I think we should be careful when we study in Iran or any country, if we have plan to move out from there!

On the other hand was myself, even I was looking for a job and my filipino friend of my friend who started to teach me english was helping me, but honestly I was scared.

Yes! Even I have worked in Iran, but I was so scared to hear No from anyone!

Maybe all was coming from the way I grow up. I was the youngest child in our family and even after my dad pass away, everyone were trying to do almost whatever I wanted. I rarely heard No, but I had to face it!

I set again and I started to review my goals. What I wanted to be, etc.

All ended again to be a chef.

After all research, the suggestion from the hotel management or HR was having one of the philippines ‘s schools Diploma.

So after talking to my family, and having their support as always, I decided to look for a culinary school.

I have to add between, my sadness was there with me always as I was far from my family. But they always support me with their words, my uncle was telling: baba just do whatever makes you happy. Mom and aunt who are my hero in life always pushed me forward. My aunt was telling: there is nothing behind you, go forward and fallow your dreams, We are here for you.

My sister and brothers were my biggest motivation and help.

What is your goal in life? Have you ever write them down? Have you ever tru y to be honest with yourself? Write for me and lets talk about it.


Ela in wonderland!

I came out from the airport and found my friend, who I hadn’t seen for more than two years; she is an Iranian-philipino. She grew up in Iran and moved to Philippians after high school.

We headed home, and I was looking around while listening to her, as she was trying to change my mood. You see, I had arrived sad and tired from my more than 16-hour journey.

Everything was different: streets, cars and some houses, which I will talk about more next time!

I was still in shock that I was in a completely different place from my family, far away from them, and four hours ahead. I arrived at 8 pm in Manila, which was 4 pm in Iran.

While making this sudden decision, I had too many things to manage and think about in my short time. I hadn’t had enough time to read and research more about the country.

So to mention my other advice to you, research more about the place you want to go, about their culture, habits, laws, and other details.

Finally we arrived at three really tall buildings. Don’t know if I ever mentioned that I was scared of heights. I asked which floor? Thirty-two was the answer! 🤦🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️
OMG! It’s ok! Lets go, this is not my choice, but it wasn’t optional!

The first thing I wanted to do was contact my mom and tell her I had arrived safely.
But the technology wasn’t the same as what we have now; we had to use dial-up internet and then use Messenger or Skype. So after a few unsuccessful tries, I called her directly, which was so expensive.

I told her, “I am ok.” I have to say we had to plan for video calls each time. We had to try so hard to see each other, one or, if we were lucky, two times per week with low quality. Thank God for technology; even-though sometimes I hate it, I love it most of the time.

So tell me now, what we’re your struggles or experiences with contacting family while you were far from home?

lost in translation

Guys, I have a lot to say. I’m trying to share the truth of my experiences. You can also introduce the page to your friends, and see if they would like to be with us!
Well, I arrived to the Manila airport after more than 16 hours!
I was looking around like a lost person, and I was trying to find my way. 🤦🏻‍♀️At Immigration, I stood in the fast line with less people!! Then I saw the word “Citizen” above, but again, I did not understand that (such was my English level). 😅
But I can see that people are looking at me like, “Is she crazy?” I asked a police officer, and I showed my passport to him. He showed me the longer line. 🤓 I’m sure he thought, “Don’t think you’re playing smart, lady!”
After finding the correct line, I waited until it was my turn. The officer asked me a question, and I said, “Sorry?” (in English). However, I did not know what he was saying! I turned my head and had a chance to stand, an Iranian, next to two boys. I said, “Excuse me, what is this guy saying?” The boy came and said, “How long do you want to stay?” I said, “Oh, he can see my visa is for two months!”
The interesting thing about the conversation was that the entire time I was thinking he was speaking Filipino, and I did not understand! My new sense of pride! Dear God!!
I found out later that no!! They speak standard English with a special accent! Well, even if he spoke without an accent, there wasn’t much of a difference to me!!!
I can tell you, as I have said before, the most important things you must know is the language and your goal before you immigrate!
Without these two stripes, you can have more issues. Also, you may have so much money that you want to invest, which is another option. But still, I’m saying that language is really important so that no one can fool you!
Maybe one of the reasons that I was scared a little less was that my friend was living there. Well, my friends have their own stories that we’ll get to later!
That’s enough for today. What do you have to share with us? Please write us about your experiences.

My journey

Well, this is about the promise that I made to you to write about the year that I left Iran!! I was 26 years old!!
It was February 28, 2011. My family and I decided for me to leave Iran for Malaysia, and by chance, a friend I hadn’t heard from for a long time called. At that time, it was decided that I would go to the Philippines on April 28th!
Everything happened in less than two months!
It was a strange feeling; I did not cry or laugh. I did not know what was going to happen; what was I going to do? But we all knew that the road was not close, and it would not be so easy if my family wanted to come. My ticket was open for one year, which meant that I could come back whenever I wanted!
But there was a quiet voice telling me everything; it was saying don’t even think about it. You go away, you are away for a few years, and you have to endure it. It was suffocating.
When I was talking to my brother, I asked him what should I do there, as I was confused! He told me, “Go and find yourself! Go pursue the goal!! We are alive for our goals. If not, you can come back at anytime!”
Many ask me is immigrating difficult? Yeah that sounds pretty crap to me. It is difficult for everyone whether or not you have a plan!! Whoever says differently tells a lie!!
You know, it has a kind of vague difficulty: a feeling that first comes out of a desire to go to a new place, and these things start and end in a passion, even for me, who never even had a plan to go out of Iran, the so-called abroad. But somehow, I went to the farthest point away from my family! I only remember having one concern that was very confusing and scary—what about the language??? I always hated English, and I had to beg my mom when I got a bad grade (to talk to my teacher and not tell my dad)! Instead, I loved the French language. I remember Baba saying, “Read English, I will send you to French class!” But I never listened to him!🤦🏻‍♀️
The promised day had arrived! I remember I had driven to the airport myself. I had a strange and terrible anxiety—a feeling of being empty. Not feeling! How it is going to be? Where am I going?
And I went. I left Iran. I remember I was silent until Dubai. It was as if I still could not believe it. From Dubai to Manila, I think I cried, the Emirates flight served every quarter, and the girl saw that I was just crying! She was surprised, she was asking me something all the time but still—my language 🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️!!
Believe me, the first thing you want to do before immigrating is learn the language!
Wait for my next story😉
If you have immigrated, tell us how you felt on that special day? Or what advice can you offer for those who intend to immigrate?

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